Printing Check-In Cards

A check-in or scan-in card allows a Participant to check in at the front door using a handheld USB barcode reader or the device webcam. You can print cards for multiple Participants or for an individual Participant.

From the Constituents Module, search for the Participant/s you want to print cards for. If you want to print multiple, use the checkbox in the table results. A sidebar will open allowing you to perform an action on multiple selected Participants. Select the action to print cards.

If you want to just print one card, open the sidebar for that Participant, click the more icon in the actions section and click Print Check-In Card.

Once you print off some cards, you can now start using them for Front Door Attendance.

We have designed a basic template that will print the Participant name and their barcode to scan in. Behind the scenes this is a Microsoft Word template using an Avery Template 5371.

We are planning on releasing the ability to customize this template your self. In the mean time, if you would like a custom designed card, please see the attached MS Word document on how to use merge fields. Reach out to us if you have any questions on how to use merge fields in MS Word.

Unique ID’s

Every constituent in your database has a couple unique ID’s. We use one of them here to create a barcode that represents that short – unique ID. If for any reason a barcode is not properly rendered in the template, please use the bulk action (when selecting multiple constituents) to assign a unique ID.