Participant Details

Parent Portals allow parents to register, edit, update and manage their information, as well as their Participant/s’.

New/Incomplete Participant

Now that a parent has registered we’ll go through the registration for each Participant added. If you’ve left off or have yet to complete the registration for a participant, you’ll see a notification of an incomplete registration in the messages section.

Click on one of those names in the Program Participant section to complete registration

Parent Portal Dashboard

Much like the parent registration, there will be a set of forms that you’ll be able to walk through. Your process will be saved along the way, allowing you to come back at a later time to complete the process.

Continue through the form completing all the required fields. Once completed, you’ll be taken back to the dashboard to complete the process for the remaining participants.

Current Participants

If the Participants have already been completed, you can click on them to further manage their details, like updating them.

Participants Dashboard

The sections will automatically tell you what is complete and what is missing formation. Click on the 🖊 to the right of the indicator to fill in the missing pieces.

Updating a Participant’s details.