Every Participant at your organization will have at least one Membership record. Having a Membership record allows you to track a Participant ’s participation at your organization with various details – particularly that they are a current member of your programming.

Constituents can have multiple memberships. This is useful if for example you require a gymnastic membership level for a short period of time, combined with a yearly membership level. They can have two sets of costs, expiration dates, etc. and operate independently.

You can control the membership level required for classes, to prevent those without a specific membership type from being enrolled in a session, program or class.

When searching for ‘active’ members, it will return any constituent who has an active membership, whether they have one or two.

As a Participant re-registers, her membership record will be updated with the new expiration date.

Create a Membership Level

Navigate to Configuration and click on the Membership Levels tab. Click on Add Membership Level to get started.

Adding new memberships.

There are a lot of fields associated with a membership level. Please review the fields below.

Membership data fields.


Level Name

Add a level name. Ex: Lifetime Member.

Level Description

A short description that will be displayed below the level name on the membership signup page.

Level Type

Is a backend field and will always be set to default.

Renewal Type

The renewal type will be used for various settings for the membership.

It will be:

  • Displayed on the sign-up page how long this membership is good for
  • Used to determine recurring billing
  • Used to determine the expiration date


  • Never
  • Monthly
  • Quartley
  • TwiceAYear
  • EveryYear
  • CalendarYear
  • FixedExpiry

The following types use the Expires On field to set a fixed expiration date on the level:

  • FixedExpiry

For example, a membership level with a Renewal Type of FixedExpiry will use the Expires On field to set a strict expiration date. This will need to be updated regularly as the fixed date will eventually be set to the past.

Allow Sub-Members

If this membership level allows sub-members, set this to true. Sub-members are constituents that receive benefits of this level.

Fee By Sub-Member

If Allow Sub-Members is true, each sub-member added will incur a fee.


Set the cost of this membership level.

Is Taxable

If this fee requires tax, set this to true. When purchasing a membership, tax will be applied to the membership level as a sale item.

Fair Market Value

If any portion of the membership fee is tax deductible, set the fair market value of the membership level here. This will be displayed on receipts and reports.

Expires On

This field is used to set a strict expiration date on the membership level. It is only used when the Renewal Type is FixedExpiry.

Show Online

If the membership level should be shown on your online sign-up page, set this to true.

Show On POS Terminal

When selling a membership internally via Compass, you will use the POS terminal to process the transaction. If you want this membership level available for purchase internally, set this to true.

Online Display Order

Set the display order of this membership level for the online sign-up page. If two or more levels have the same order number, they will be displayed in order of creation. Negative numbers are allowed.

Purchase Discount

This is only used for textual purposes on receipts.


On the right, select the benefits that are associated with this level.

Membership Details

Use the content editor to add a detailed description to the membership level. This will be shown on the online sign-up page.