Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is where your new and existing parents can update or add information about themselves and their children. This form mirrors the manual registration process previously mentioned. The only difference is once a parent finishes registration, they are taken back to their Parent Portal dashboard. This dashboard allows them to make payments, register for programs, etc.

Portal URL

The URL for instructors to login is unique for every organization. Every organization has an Org Domain. This is the value appended to the URL. For most organizations this will be your website or email URL. For example,

Replace <your-org-domain> with your unique Org Domain.<your-org-domain>

New Parent Flow

First, the Parent must register themselves – this can be done manually or via the Parent Portal. This essentially creates them an account within C360 and allows them to access the Parent Portal. Additionally, it allows you collect various data on the Parent.

After a Parent is registered, the secondly want to register their Participant/s. Again, this can be done manually, or directly from Parent Portal. This does not assign a membership, but collects data and admits them into the system.

Once the Participant/s are registered into the system, the third step is to assign them memberships based on your internal processes. Right now, this is manual.

Lastly, once Participants are assigned memberships, you can add programs online. Now, when Parents access their Parent Portal, they can sign up their Participant/s up for various programs, make payments against any accrued fees, etc.