Adding a New Program

Programs are the core content areas of programming and are reusable across Schedules. They define what curriculum you have to offer and are long-lived.

Creating a Program

Navigate to the second tab with the Programs Module:

Viewing available programs.

Click Add Program from the top right corner of the window and enter the details of your new Program. Minimally, you need a name and description.

Adding a program’s details.

Program Fields


The name of the program.


A description of the program.


The category of the program.


The sub-category of the program.


The total number of expenses to run the program.

Supply Cost

The cost of supplies for the program.


The status of the program: Active, Inactive, Cancelled, Completed or Unknown.


The type of constituents this program is designed for: Individual, Group or Organization.


Select which venue the program is being held at. (You can add venues to your options via the Venues Module.)


Is there any area/location of the venue that this program is specific to?

Venue Notes

Any notes specific to the venue for this program.


Select a constituent to attach as the instructor of the program.


Select a constituent to attach as the co-instructor of the program.

Minimum Age

What is the minimum age for a program participant?

Maximum Age

What is the maximum age for a program participant?