Adding Center Attendance In Bulk

You can add front door or center based attendance in bulk from the Constituents Module. This is helpful for those that take paper attendance at your center or any outreach locations.

From the Constituents Module, search for the constituents you want to take attendance for. A common search would be for your active participants or those at a specific center. You can then use the filter to narrow down the search results, allowing you to select many constituents at a time.

Once you have selected those constituents, click the Record Front Door Attendance option from the batch action sidebar.

Bulk Center Attendance Options

Much like individual center attendance, we can configure some options.

Recording front door attendance in bulk.

Keep in mind, program attendance will only apply for the programs that fall on the date of the attendance. Notice there is only one date.

Set the location / center that this attendance is for, include the date and time duration, and click Apply.

The participants selected will now have:

  1. An center attendance record for the date and duration provided
  2. An optional fee applied to their invoice if set
  3. Have their program class hours and or fees applied for the given date if those options are selected, respectively