Participants w/ demographics +

This core question starts with attendance records, which means, it has the ability to filter by attendance date, membership level, program name, and more.

It returns unduplicated constituent demographics, including the most recent grade level and parent income min / max.

It’s a useful question for potential survey responses / grant reports.

Since we un-duplicate the list of participants from the returned attendance record, the ability to apply a filter needs to be done prior to the un-duplication.

Open the question editor by clicking on the menu icon in the top right when first opening this question.

Once there, click on the filter icon to apply a filter, prior to the summary section.

From there, you can apply a filter to any of the shown data below. For example, a date range on the attendance or a specific membership level. Just expand the data section you want to filter on, and apply the filter that suits your needs.

You can disregard any of the joins or filters below that. When you’re done, click visualize at the bottom. You’ll be taken to a table of results. We’ve went ahead and selected and renamed various columns for you. If you would like to add more columns, simply head back to the question editor, select the data source you want to add more information, and use the check boxes to select more columns.

After editing this question, you can download the results from the table view in the bottom right. Since this is a core question, you can’t overwrite it. However, you can save a copy to your organizations folder.