Constituent Details

Editing Information

You can manage all aspects of a constituent from the sidebar. In the sidebar will be summary sections, which once expanded will show the detail. For most cases, clicking on the detail row will open the corresponding editor. For other cases, there will be an Add or Edit option for the details.

Managing Notes

Since a constituent can have many notes, only the three most recently created notes are shown. Clicking on a note will open the editor allowing you to edit or delete the note.

You can click on View All to see all the notes for the constituent. From this dialog, you can sort the notes and click on the row to edit or delete a note.

Managing Tags

To add a new tag, click on Add Tag at the bottom of the tags list in the tags summary section.

A tag has three parts. Category, Name and Value. First select a category using the type-to-search dropdown. Once you select a Category, the Tag Name dropdown will update with the existing tags for that Category.

Next select the Tag Name from the dropdown list.

If you have selected a Tag Name which has structured values, the Tag Value selector will populate with the required values options. If there is not structure value, you can type in any arbitrary text.

Structured Values
Some tags have a set of values that must be selected, preventing the user from entering arbitrary text.

Tag with any value text.

Structured values allow your organization to keep data clean. It is usually best practice to only create tags which have a set of required values.

Editing A Tag

Once a tag has been created, you cannot change the Category or Name. You can only update the value. If you need to change the Category, simply delete and add a new Tag.

Editing an existing tag.