Venue Hierarchy

Within Compass-360 you can configure the hierarchy of your venues to reflect the unique structure of your organization’s various venues. Mapping out what structure is best fit for your organization prior to configuring it is highly recommended.

Venue vs. Sub-Venue

At the highest level of the hierarchy is a venue. When selecting + Add Venue, you will be adding a new venue hierarchy to your primary list of venues, which will begin to display in order like so:

Adding a new venue.

In the hierarchy, underneath venues, you add sub-venues. These are locations, spaces and areas that exist within the primary venue, but are individual venues themselves.

Adding a sub-venue from a venue’s details.

You add sub-venues within the details of a selected venue from the right sidebar. A new sub-venue will appear underneath the venue in which it was created.

You can add as many sub-venues underneath a venue as needed. As you do, they will begin to display in order. You can continue to add levels of sub-venues, crafting out a complete structure of all locations, spaces and areas.