Adding User Accounts

From the User Accounts Module, click + Add User.

Step 1 – Select Constituent

First, select the constituent to which this User Account will be linked to. Learn how to create a Constituent.

The constituent search bar.

Begin typing a name to search for a current constituent. If the constituent does not exist, an option to create a new one will populate.

Important to note:

When adding user accounts, the constituent must have the Staff persona.

You can use the filter to find the right Constituent by narrowing down their personas. Once you’ve found the right constituent, click on their name so they appear highlighted.

Step 2 – Additional Details

Set the User Account Type. For most cases, Standard is okay. A username will be provided for you based off the Constituents name. Feel free to modify this.

Enter a password and confirm it.

Access pins are short codes that can be used in various places and are not required.

Once done, select Add User.