Updates: 6/12/23

Hello Everyone!

Parent Portal

We’re putting some finishing touches on the new parent portal and are excited to release to everyone!

Editing A Participant | Parent Portal

Parents will have an easier time registering and updating participant information, and will soon have the ability to re-enroll, making returning participants easier to update information.

We’ll send out a formal announcement as soon as it’s publicly available!


While our primary focus has been dedicated to the development and enhancement of the anticipated parent portal 2.0, we want to emphasize that we have not overlooked the importance of addressing existing features and resolving any lingering bugs across our entire application suite.


  • #19686 Show parent information higher up on participants sidebar. There is now a Parent section at the top of the sidebar when viewing a Participant.
  • #19656 Updating the tag editor dialogs for better data handling with tag bindings and bound values. Bound tag types are now honored when selecting a tag that is not available for a constituent.
  • #19449 Added military section to constituent sidebar


  • #19495 Fixing images attached in emails. There was an update for this and was able to confirm images in emails are working. More investigation needs to be done to figure out how invalid images were added to the email builder. Text message images were not verified as it is not an existing feature. A new case will be created for that.

In Progress

  • #19476 Fixing the publish dashboard button text when a dashboard is published
  • #19385 Add ability to cascade delete down a schedule, preventing ghost class records
  • #19307 Enforce volunteer qualifications on volunteer portal signup

Should you encounter any issues or have any suggestions for further improvements, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. We are here to listen and assist you every step of the way. tracking@girlsinc.org

Compass-360 Team