Updates: 4/10/23

Hello Everyone!

Happy Easter to everyone! We’re gearing up for Summer registration and working with National to make sure things good smoothly for everyone! Here are the recent fixes and features and what’s scheduled to be worked on.



  • #19465 Added the ability to view a participant from a parents sidebar, or finish registration if the registration is incomplete


  • #19626 Fixed an issue with the participant search sidebar where incorrect results were being returned when filtering by membership levels and tags
  • #19362 Added the ability for parents to manage their emergency contacts information via the parent portal
  • #19618 Fixed an issue with fees that were added via the parent portal we’re being displayed as paid by default in the program roster table

In Progress

  • #19421 Second record of parent portal translation updates
  • #19476 Fixing the publish dashboard button text when a dashboard is published
  • #19385 Add ability to cascade delete down a schedule, preventing ghost class records
  • #19478 Non-required questions in custom registration questions are shown as required

Scheduled Cases

  • #19307 Enforce volunteer qualifications on volunteer portal signup
  • #19495 Fixing images attached in emails
  • #19656 Updating the tag editor dialogs for better data handling with tag bindings and bound values

This is not the exhaustive list of scheduled cases, as we leave room for things that arise in real time. Check back for the next update announcement for more info.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to tracking@girlsinc.org!

Compass-360 Team