Updates: 3/12/23

Hello Everyone!

We’re hard at working fixing bugs and releasing new features. We also have something very exciting in the pipeline we will share with you soon! For now here is the the latest release of updates!



  • #19465 Added the ability to view a participant from a parents sidebar, or finish registration if the registration is incomplete
  • #19439 Added ASL to the language selection options and re-ordered the options
  • #19358 Updated gender selection options to include non-binary and change existing options
  • #19325 Added the ability to copy and paste between enrollments to help speed up registration for new schedules
  • #19479 Updated the order of check in cards to be alphabetical when printed


  • #19522 Fixed an issue where multiple SMS numbers were allowed which caused issues with parent portal logins. Please see the updated profile editor. We also added a new filter to the constituent search that allows you to search for constituents with multiple portal access phone numbers.
  • #19453 Updated the academic year started control in registration to reflect the current year, to help speed up entering data
  • #19489 Updated the co-instructor fields in classes to align and allowed co-instructors to view their classes on the instructor portal
  • #19526 Updated the program schedule tree to display classes in order by date
  • #19173 Fixed an issue with the class roster PDF barcodes not containing the right dat, which prevented a user from scanning a participant in with the USB scanner from the check-in dialog
  • #19473 Fixed an issue where the roster was not automatically being shown when loading the page

In Progress

  • #19421 Second record of parent portal translation updates
  • #19618 Parent portal registration to class with fee shows fee paid by default
  • #19362 Ability to edit a contact from the parent portal
  • #19476 Fixing the publish dashboard button text when a dashboard is published
  • #19385 Add ability to cascade delete down a schedule, preventing ghost class records
  • #19478 Non-required questions in custom registration questions are shown as required

Scheduled Cases

  • #19307 Enforce volunteer qualifications on volunteer portal signup
  • #19618 Parent portal registration to class with fee shows fee paid by default
  • #19495 Fixing images attached in emails

This is not the exhaustive list of scheduled cases, as we leave room for things that arise in real time. Check back for the next update announcement for more info.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to tracking@girlsinc.org!

Compass-360 Team