Updates: 11/07/22

Hello Everyone!

Another month of updates! If you missed the last update – check it out here!



  • #19249 The second round of Spanish translation is generally available in production on the parent portal! For those that have Spanish speaking parent portal users, please keep us informed let us know if there are any improvements we can make
  • #19348 Adjusted the location field on the batch check-in form to only show centers
  • #19318 Added the ability to print an emergency roster for a specific location for the checked in participants
  • #19190 The first round of C360 BI Actions are available in production. When viewing a saved question, you can run actions against the results – such as adding a tag. More actions are coming soon!
  • #19226 Update academic records to include more grade levels and update field descriptions


  • #19382 Fixed an issue with AM/PM times in the attendance search were not functioning properly

In Progress

  • #19358 Updating gender fields on the participant registration form
  • #19273 Fixing the C360 BI dashboard subscription email time
  • #19398 Roster barcodes are unable to scan
  • #19325 Update message when copy pasting between enrollment rosters
  • #19173 Updating the mobile / web camera barcode scanner
  • #19385 Updating the delete enrollment / level function to cascade down the tree. Due to earlier testing, this resulted in ‘ghost’ schedule levels that were not deleted when deleting a level above it

Scheduled Cases

  • #18966 Ability to view invoice after payment
  • #19017 Addressing some styling issues with the volunteer module
  • #19307 Enforcing volunteer qualifications on signup

This is not the exhaustive list of scheduled cases, as we leave room for things that arise in real time. Check back for the next update announcement for more info.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to tracking@girlsinc.org!

Compass-360 Team