Updates: 08/05/22

Hello Everyone!

Another month of updates! If you missed the last update – check it out here!



  • #19162 Added the ability to select pre-configured assets when sending an email
  • #19208/#19167 Added the ability to add a custom message on the parent and volunteer portals
  • #19101 Added the ability to send a custom email confirmation when a parent registers online


  • #19204 Fixed an issue where the attendance capacity was not being honored on the parent portal registration
  • #19164 Adjusted the max allowed allergies to accommodate those with many allergies
  • #19205 Fixed an issue where participants were marked as paid incorrectly on rosters
  • #19234 Fixed an issue with saving tags that don’t allow for custom values
  • #19200 Fixed an issue where scheduled SMS messages were being sent immediately
  • #19207 Fixed attendance recoding where the type was always set to unknown
  • #19206 Fixed the user account search
  • #19202 Fixed an issue where multiple – unrelated participants were showing as selectable relationships on the parent portal
  • #19177 Fixed an issue where scanned times were being recorded in CST only (reported as 1 hour early)
  • #19173 Fixed the printed roster barcode
  • #19158 Fixed date range search issues with AM/PM for attendance records
  • #19018 Fixed duplicate participants being shown when constituents are merged

In Progress

  • #19190 Ability to call actions from C360 BI questions (e.g. add tags)
  • #18966 Ability to view invoice after payment
  • #18968 Sending staff notification on parent portal registration
  • #19068 Ability to remove invoices and update invoice status
  • #19131 Issue with embedded public C360 BI dashboards

Scheduled Cases

  • #19017 Addressing some styling issues with the volunteer module
  • #19132 Issues with reporting duplicate attendance hours
  • #18754 Updating registration form fields for our Canadian affiliates
  • #18748 Updating the check-in dialog to show more relevant information and make the processes more fluid
  • #19167 Adding content dialog to parent portal to help those who have issues logging in

This is not the exhaustive list of scheduled cases, as we leave room for things that arise in real time. Check back for the next update announcement for more info.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to tracking@girlsinc.org!

Compass-360 Team